Thursday, February 22, 2007

Young People Believe

Here's something that media salesfolk should be mighty interested in. The Audit Bureau of Circulations have just released a news item, the main point of which is that as spending in digital media increases, advertisers will demand more accountability, in which they don't currently have much confidence (fewer than less than half of ad-agency respondents and only one-third of advertiser respondents being so).

But here's a data point that jumped out and grabbed me:

"Younger ad professionals appear to be less skeptical: 75 percent of respondents under age 25 said they trust the metrics provided by online publishers, compared to 22 percent of those in the 55-64 age category."

That's a huge disparity, and it tells me less about how confident different age groups are in Internet advertising metrics than it does about the general level of skepticism among age groups.

So you salespeople can probably use this kind of insight to tailor your presentations based on the age of your audience.

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