Thursday, March 1, 2007

Van Halen Was Right

Panama rocks!

Jump back, what's that sound?
Here she comes, full blast and top down.
Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue.
Model citizen zero discipline
Don't you know she's coming home with me?
You'll lose her in the turn.
I'll get her!
Panama, panama
Panama, panama

OK, the lyrics have absolutely nothing to with the early successes that advertisers are experiencing with Yahoo's new Panama paid search system, but I never let that stand in the way of a good non-sequiter.

+5% increase in clicks overall for week of 2/11, +9% week of 2/18. Google and their investors were so nervous about Yahoo's success that their stock dropped all the way from $466.19 at cob February 5th (launch date) to $463.75 cob February 26 (day before the "crash"). That's a drop more than one-half of one percent. Scary, huh?

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