Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Category iKiller for Apple?

Even though this Business Week article attempts half-heartedly to focus on the delay in delivery of Apple's iTV device, the fact that the device is even coming is the real story. Revealed late last year and officially announce on January 9, the iTV was due to have arrived in by now (i.e., late February 2007). now Apple is claiming a delivery date of mid-March, although they've declined to provide an exact date.

The cachet that Apple has that allows them to whip up tremendous excitement in this type of personal technology cannot be underestimated, nor is it, I think. Indeed, the iTV is blithely referred to in the title of this article as a "TV Revolution." Apple already essentially owns personal music transport systems with their iPod; they're also waiting in the wings to take over multimedia telephonic devices with their June-arriving iPhone. No reason to doubt they can own this category, too

Remember when Apple was were just a computer company? Yeah, I barely do, myself.

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